About Us


Pinnacle Designs began doing business in 1980, founded on the premise that although there were enamel pins in the marketplace, there was very little higher quality product in the destination souvenir industry.  Research & determination found that key factors that were missing was the quality of the product, quality of the artwork and lack of service.  Our vision of being the pinnacle of quality and service was born and we let it be known in our company name, Pinnacle Designs.
Selling quality, custom & stock souvenirs to the tourist destination industry has and always will be our main focus.  We continuously strive to reinvent ourselves each year, providing innovative designs, processes and always staying ahead of the curve!  We are dedicated to providing the best and most attentive customer service in the industry.
We are always looking ahead and have been Prop 65 & CPSIA compliant.  We know how to do things right to successfully compete in today’s marketplace.  It is why after 36 years we have the reputation for being the pinnacle of quality.


Our vision of the future focuses on creating and implementing innovative new ideas and products for you, our valued friend and customer.
Pinnacle Designs will continue to achieve quality and provide dedicated teamwork for the products and services needed to meet the expectations of all our valued customers.